Dear Partners and Friends:

July  2017  time for building up the local church here in the Philippines.

We have started the Training Pastors I the Philippines to prepare teacher for the Bible School which will be coming soon. Now it is time to find a building for the Bible School and the Church in Davao City area.
It's time to start the preparation for the Bible school  into full swing, we are looking for a building to start in, something large enough to facilitate some future growth. We need to purchase about 500 chairs to start with,  these are only about $ 15 for each chair, the plastic outdoor chairs work fine here. So we are challenging you to buy a chairs, we could be ready to go in no time at.....Come on Take the Challenge.....Purchase your chairs today!
Also we are reaching out to other ministries and churches to conduct pastors conferences and leadership training. 
As always we appreciate all of you and thank God for you.
Keep us in prayer, Blessings to you.
In Him:
Robin & Erlinda Harmia