Individuals Comments

Maria Riggle from Washinton State writes:
" I can honestly say that I have been following RHIM ministry around for most my whole life. I am Robin's step-daughter, Natalia Riggle, and have seen the ministry from the beginning when my brother and I had to lick over 200 envelopes to send partner’s letter's out. Then eventually we discovered that a sponge worked so much easier. Even earlier then that before Robin became a full time minister, when I was five years old we were traveling from Oklahoma back to Washington State where we are from, on the way back I had inhaled some carbon monoxide poisoning gas and died. I remember standing over my body and watching my mother scream hysterically and Robin running inside to call 911. I remember visiting heaven and then Robin spoke the words, "She shall live and not die." Next I remember coming back to life into Robins arms. Before Robin entered into the Evangelist ministry he served in the ministry of helps. He helped in children's church, the prison ministry, and as an usher and I am sure several more. We were always stopping on the street so he could minister to someone or provide them with food. Robin has always had a giving heart. When Robin was eventually able to travel full time my brother and I spent our summer's traveling with Robin, and I have been fortunate to visit several states and foreign countries with his ministry. My first time leaving the United States was when I was fifteen and we traveled to Honduras. That was definitely an eye opener for an American teenager. This is where I truly saw the gift of healing through Robin. I saw blind eye's open, the lame walk, and witch doctor's being set free. While we were in Honduras Robin became deathly ill, but he would not let that stop him from preaching the word of God on the streets and in the churches. When you put people in front of Robin, you can actually see his eye's light up. Robin truly has the fire in him to save the world through Jesus Christ. In 1994 we moved to Sered, Slovakia where we lived for two and half years. In Slovakia as well I saw deaf ears open, the lame walk, and drug addicts being set free. Growing up Robin always said, “I fear no man, but God!" He continues to live that fearless life today as he travels into foreign countries where ministers are afraid to adventure into. Recently Robin made a trip to Pakistan; I asked him why he continued to travel to such a dangerous country. His response was, "What is the worse that could happen? I would die and go live with my Lord and Savior?" Robin has come so far in his ministry and I am so proud of him throughout all these years. Congratulations and God Bless! Choose to live by his words,” I fear no man, but God!""

Pastor Robert Johnston from Arizona writes:
" I have known Robin Harmia for approximately 20 years and have ministered with him on several occasions. He is a Blessing to the body of Christ and our family. To name a few of his great qualities: He loves to flow in the Holy Spirit. Allowing God to have his way in the services. I have traveled with Robin Harmia to Honduras on two separate occasions and saw miracles. Robin is not afraid to go where God calls him to go; he just obeys. I only wish more ministers and ministries would see the gift in him, so they can have revival in their churches. I count it a blessing to know Robin Harmia and his family. The more the people hunger for a move of God the greater the anointing is when Robin Harmia Ministers, Keep flowing and obeying God."

Pastor Bill Ferguson from North Pole Christian Center, Alaska writes:
" Congratulations on this landmark in your lives and ministry. It is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and your faith to stand and believe Him. As we have watched you over the years, we have seen you willing to go preach the gospel when God said go, even when the financial resources were not in your hand. Many times these areas were in impoverished distant areas and you had no assurance of your own personal well being. Often you returned leaving your own remaining personal goods & money to those in need. God always came through, the Word was preached and those who heard were saved and delivered. Robin, as I have seen you and I believe this is the case with all churches you minister, you give your heart to each church you visit. You have not been slack to minister the truth of the Word to bring correction, reproof, and encouragement and most important delivered in love. Your most important goal was that people see Jesus and their life forever changed. We have known you over the years and have seen great godly growth in your life and ministry. You have never had a superior attitude, but a humble heart sensitive to the Holy Spirit and quick to change when He shows the necessity. I believe this is going to bring all the expectations of your heart as you and Barbara remain faithful through any and all adversity and watch God come through. On the personal level, Robin, you and Barbara are a friend and you have always maintained the highest level of integrity, strength and encouragement to Vonnie and me. You stuck closer than a brother during Vonnie’s sickness and eventual death. You took time out of your own schedule to come all the way to Alaska to support us during this time. I will be eternally grateful. The Church and I stand with you in the coming days and years as we work together for the kingdom of God to bring His soon return. We all love you and Erlinda and are believing with you that the best days of your lives and ministry are immediately ahead."

Rev. Jeff Rennell from Isaiah 11 Ministry, Ariel Lake,PA writes:
" Although I can’t be with you in person today to celebrate Robin’s 25th Anniversary in ministry, I want to let him know that I believe this is a great milestone in his life. I am very grateful for his friendship and mentoring in my life. He has invested his life into mine and helped me to overcome adversity in my own walk. A man can be in ministry for 25 years but never achieve the transformation, which Christ intended for each of us. I’ve witnessed Robin’s transformation over the last 20 years and have watched him become more like Christ. Those of us who are close to Robin know he has suffered tremendous heartbreaks over the years. All of these were attacks against his character were ultimately proven false. He has been able to overcome these trials by his choice to walk in love with everyone – even those who hurt him. In spite of the persecution, Robin has been successful in demonstrating God’s love and power. I don’t know all that is ahead for Robin and Barbara but I am fully persuaded that they will press on in their calling and finish their race in victory. "

George Read from North Pole, Alaska writes:
" What can I say about Robin Harmia? He is a man who has answer the call of God to go into the entire World who has not looked at his inabilities but has looked at the abilities of God. We have all been affected in some way with the War on Terrorism. Robin has been on the front lines of this War and has looked terrorism in the face and it blinked because of the Power of God in him. We need a man like that. We also have heard of the unrest in Africa again Robin has been they’re sharing the rest we can have in Jesus. May I say we need Robin to continue to hasten the coming of the Lord so we all can go home and enjoy Eternity, but also he needs us to fund this important ministry. Paul told us that if we have received spiritual blessing from a ministry that we should give back of our natural blessings. Myself, I have been very blessed by Robin and got to go on a trip with him to the Philippines in 2005 and have seen first hand the hungry faces of those waiting to receive a message from God thru this anointed servant of God. I wept as I saw lives transformed and bodies healed. . I know that Robin is very good ground to sow into and would recommend giving into his ministry. Robin now needs us to give so that this ministry can continue to reach the lost. He will do it without us but what a wonderful blessing we'll miss out on. "

Sandy Soogrim, Yonkers, New York writes:
" I start to write a message, then get sidetracked and eventually forget. I can always remember when I first heard Robin speak at St. Peter’s Lighthouse church in the Bronx, it was captivating, kept my attention and enjoyed the teaching immensely. As my family and I got more acquainted with him, we labeled him the “the fun pastor”, as he was and still is very down to earth, explains his teaching in layman’s terms and told a lot about himself, his background, where he came from and how the Lord transformed his life. He is a very spirit filled man and has so much to offer. I thank God for placing both of you in our lives. "

Rev. LynnAnn and Charles, California, Writes
" Robin Harmia International Ministries has been a part of our lives for many years now. I cannot explain in any short words how much Robin's ministry has impacted my life, as well as my husband’s life; and each of us in our own personal way and walk with God. I cannot tell you how many times the Lord answered the cry of my heart and sent Robin to preach and to teach always at just the right times when growing in the things of the Lord. Not only did I receive encouragement and a touch from the Holy Spirit in His meetings, but also many times received direction and confirmation in what the Lord was directing me in. The same is true for my husband, who when I first met Robin, was not yet my husband. Robin, also known as my best’s big brother, has meant so much to us in our lives and walk with the Lord, that he was the only one both of us had wanted to perform our wedding ceremony. We have had many good times with Robin, and absolutely love his heart for people; for souls. He is a blessing to so many, and even more, to us. We cherish him as family, and we cherish him as the Man of God that he is. He preaches the truth, no matter what, and he keeps running the race, no matter what comes his way. He is a great Man of God, a beloved bond-servant of the Most High, and a man who has truly laid his life down to serve and obey the Lord in His calling. We love you Robin. Keep running, we are right there with you. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Keep running! "

Rev. Lonnie, Shelly Friedrich Yakima, Washington Writes
" After being around Robin for the past four years, we have really come to know Robin's heart. He is so close to God's heart. He genuinely loves people and wants only the best for them. Several times he has came to our church and ministered to the people. God really shows up big, and lives are directed, healed and many are revived again; because Robin serves a Big Big God. A few years ago we traveled to the Philippines with Robin and really enjoyed getting to know him better. As he ministers to people, the heart of God just pours out of him. It is such a blessing to see someone so hungry for others to come to know Jesus and live victoriously. He has blessed us so many times over the years by his phone calls and his emails. We keep track of his ministry and are very excited when he travels abroad, because we know many people are going to give their heart to Jesus, and God's kingdom is growing. We know that God has placed Robin in our lives and we are thoroughly blessed for knowing him and being a part of his ministry. We love both Robin and Erlinda ; they are dear to us, as they are to the heart of God. We pray for them a lot, and we look forward to what God has in store for them in the coming years, because God isn't through with them by far. "

Dennis and DIANA ROBINSON Tacoma, Washington Writes
" " How do I start this letter of knowledge knowing you for 24 years, when I first met you, you were a fireball for Jesus, Jesus was and is your first love that I have witness. I was just a newcomer in the faith and what I have witnessed and have had the privilege of going with you and others to the prison, church meetings; how the power of God moves through you blesses me. I’m blessed how the anointing falls on you so that you are there to bless the people Jesus has had his call on you for some time!! I have witness a man that has set his goals and plans with the Lord for 24 years seeing all that he said he was going to do for the Lord has come to pass, one time sticks out that I will never forget is the time Dennis and I went to you’re apartment and on the wall in the dining room was a map of the world and you had stick pins all over it in every country and you said one of these days I'm going to preach at every place that I have pined and you have done that!! Jesus has more for you to do and I'm blessed to have you in our lives as a friend and as a minister of the gospel with much Love and respect for your calling on your life. "

Dan and Patti Jolley Yakima, Washington Writes
" " Patti and I are sorry that we cannot be there to celebrate with you on this landmark 25th year of ministry. I want you to know that you are in our hearts, especially at this time as we celebrate Jesus’ birth. I am very proud that you call me friend and brother, for you are definitely the same to me. I have seen Robin grow and go in the love of Jesus for nearly 25 years. When I reflect on the years, I’ve seen the Lord’s hand on you, He has raised you to higher levels, and higher levels are yet to come. I have always admired the way you hold fast to your confession of faith; you had an exceptional teacher in Dad Hagin. In rough times and smooth sailing you have continued to rely on and rest in Jesus Christ our Lord. I am thankful that everything you have spoken into our lives was right from the Word of God. I enjoy the personal fellowship every time we are able, because of your faithfulness to the Word of God and love for Jesus. I appreciate the personal ministry you have given us with your wanting to express the love of Jesus. I appreciate the individual attention you have given us, even in a large crowd. You have always been kind and loving even to someone as carnal as me. I really appreciate the times we’ve prayed together and when you prayed a healing prayer with me, even though I‘ve been somewhat slow to receive. We love you dearly brother, go for another 25 years and beyond. Keep up the good fight and be stead fast on your course with our Lord Jesus. "

Lisa File North Pole, Alaska Writes
" " I remember the first time I met Robin several years ago. It was shortly after my parents had started a little church and Robin was a guest speaker for a series of meetings. Frankly, he scared me to death! As I look back now, I realize I was very bound up in fear! But there was a part of me that was hungry for the anointing that was (and still is) on his life! Needless to say, God really “messed me up” at the meetings and set me free from so many fears! Robin always spoke life and encouragement over me and the power of God that was released has changed me forever! Over the years Robin has held many meetings at my parent’s church and we have built a wonderful brother/sister relationship. So often I’ve observed, first hand, the “love walk” this man walks! This gift in Robin has impacted me more than anything else! His honesty, pursuit of excellence and integrity through all the trials and joys of ministry have been such an inspiration to my family and I. He’s a man who truly knows the heart of his Father God, he’s plugged into the mind of Christ and he’s quick to obey the promptings of our wonderful Holy Spirit! He has such a contagious passion for souls coming into the kingdom of God and as a true evangelist, imparts that passion everywhere he goes! Congratulations Robin and Erlinda! May you be a catalyst of revival for this and the coming generation! May the next 25 years of ministry bring a double portion of anointing and many, many more people who come to a saving knowledge of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ! "

I am impressed at the way he seeks after the Lord’s will and not his own.
J.S. - Georgia

I see no basic difference in his preaching compared with others who have ministered for me with more formal education.
F.W. - Texas

His love and concern for God’s people is a driving force in his life, motivating him to press in closer to God.
C.S.H. - Washington

Having had the opportunity to travel and work with Robin, I found him to be open to the will of the Holy Spirit in a church service.
J.R.W. - Alaska

Everywhere we went, the Word that he preached was followed by miracles. Many of the churches that we were in wanted to have Robin back because of the fruit of his ministry and the encouraging of the saints.
R.T. - Oregon

In his humble way, he ministers under a strong anointing with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word.
D.T. - Canada

He is not high minded, but down to earth a humble individual willing to used by God in ministering to others. Robin is very personable and friendly.
J.S. - Pennsylvania

All who know his ministry are extremely complimentary and we have seen much fruit as a result of his faithfulness.
K.H. - Oklahoma

You’ll be glad you listened to God when you have Robin minister at your church. You will see your congregation hunger even greater for a greater relationship with God and revival shall be stirred in the hearts of your people.
R.J. - California

Robin is a man who displays great integrity, honesty, compassion and loyality to the ministry of God.
E.D. - California

Robin is a special friend who has shown himself to be true in character and integrity in a bond of friendship that is sadly sometimes missing in ministry relationships.
B.F. - Alaska

I have witnessed the Lord using Robin under many difference anointings: word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and healing. These words have stood the test of time and proven true.
J.R. - Pennsylvania

I found it very interesting that what the vast majority of people remember most about Robin is not his preaching or teaching (although I am confident Robin is an excellent preacher) but rather Robin’s character and how he treated them. Person after person, in various cities; pastors and laypeople, young and old alike, related stories not about church services, but about his interpersonal dealings with them.
K.J. - Missionary

I highly recommend this ministry to any church that truly wants to experience revival, his character and personality were a breath of fresh air.
D.K. - Washington State