Intro. To Rev. Erlinda Malangan Harmia, she was born December 25,1985 in Kabasalan, Zamboaga Province.

Born the youngest of 6 children. I have three brothers and two sisters My Father Venancio Malangan and Mother Marcila Malangan are of the Subanen Tribe of the Philippines.
  Before I was Born my Parents had already received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Praise God!!!  So praise God I was raised in a Christian home.

I attended Bible school and after graduating, I was a teacher at the bible school and also served as Associate Pastor at the pioneering church. My job was to also help with conducting revivals and outreach to the villages. Sharing the Word of God is what I love to do, especially to the tribes and indigenous peoples of the Philippines.
After being married to Servant of God: Robin Harmia,  we have started a new work in the General Santos City area, while also doing outreaches to the small villages