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Robin Harmia International Ministries, Inc.           USA            
Spoken Word Revival International Ministries Philippines Inc.
 Dr.  Robin Harmia & Rev. Erlinda Harmia
 Fanning the Flames of Revival Across America and Around the World
Come Join us to reach the World For Jesus Christ,
as Dr. Robin preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!
It's Harvest Time for Souls all around the World. Join us in reaching the nations, for the purpose of reaching the lost for Jesus and Become a partner with us!! There have been over 350,000 people saved since 2002!! We thank God for His great love and ability and for those of you who support us and share in this great harvest!

It is Robin's heart-felt desire to teach and train Christians through precept and example. Christians empowered with the truths taught in Robin's meetings can then go and teach their churches and reach out to their communities. It's time for the Body of Christ to show the Love of God to the world, not just in word but actions. God is love, and We have that love inside of us to give always to the world.
Robin intends to go into the uttermost parts of the earth and proclaim that Jesus still saves, delivers, and heals today.
Robin will work to hasten the soon coming of Jesus Christ by helping to accomplish the supreme task of the church by evangelizing the world. Robin received his Doctor of Divinity from the School of Bible Theology, San Jacinto, California in September 2008.
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