Pastoral Commendation

Dr. Robin Harmia is one of God's chosen leaders to this generation with a great faith and faithful worker, many signs and wonders have followed his ministry. I fell so honored to be his close friend and co-worker in the ministry. We are being blessed by the Lord through him. 

Living in His grace,
Pastor Lal Ro Zama
Mission Presbyterian church of Myanmar (The Great Commission church) 

Robin Harmia is a servant in the hand of God to bring revival around the world. He is a man who is willing to take the Gospel to the nations. When he comes to your church and leave, please be sure he will leave the glory.

Pastor Thomas and Jill Glover
Faith Is The Victory Christian Center
Harvey, Louisiana

Hello, my name is Frances DeMoss, Pastor of Eagles' Nest Ministries in Wichita Falls, TX.

My first encounter with Robin Harmia was January 13, 2012, and I do call it an encounter for I have not seen a man so full and free in The HOLY SPIRIT as he is. He truly blessed my congregation and myself as he ministered and poured out in the gifts and the power of The HOLY SPIRIT. We were so hungry for the More of GOD and GOD answered our prayers and sent us Robin who blessed us through the anointing and poured out the Oil of Joy upon all my people! People were in the floor basking in the Joy of The HOLY SPIRIT with Holy laughter poured forth. We came forth from that visitation strengthened with the Might and the Power of The HOLY SPIRIT! We will never be the same. Thank GOD! We look forward for our next visitation when Robin comes to see us again and minister for us again. I do not put my signature before to many people, but this man and prophet of GOD, I would highly endorse anytime, anyplace in my pulpit, in any pulpit.

HIS Bondservant,
In HIS MAJESTY'S service
Pastor Frances DeMoss

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Robert L. Johnston, Pastor of Stream In The Desert, Blythe Foursquare Church. I’ve known Robin Harmia for 21 years. He is a well seasoned minister. Robin Harmia is established, and grounded in the Word of God. He teaches & preaches the uncompromised Word of God in power and in demonstration of the Holy Spirit. He knows the Holy Spirit, and how to flow with Him in services. He lives & teaches faith in God. I have traveled and ministered with Robin Harmia in foreign countries; as well as have him at my church. I recommend him as a minister of the gospel.

In His Service,
Pastor Robert L. Johnston

I have known Rev. Robin Harmia for over twenty-six years and whether we are on the other side of the globe or in my home Robin genuinely cares for people. Concerning how he conducts himself in ministry there are three characteristics that stand out. First Robin is a man of the Word, secondly integrity even to his own hurt and thirdly he is full of compassion for the lost and hurting. And for these reasons I would highly recommend Robin to any individual or ministry.

Pastor Lonnie Summers
Adult Ministries
Tacoma Wa.

The weeklong Minister’s Conference was excellent, but the Lord had something special in mind to top it off. For several days the Holy Spirit had given me an instruction that I resisted, and on Friday morning when I opened my eyes I heard it again: “Go to the golf tournament.” Even though I had never been on a golf course, I gave in. It was a scramble or best ball format and they put me on a team with three ministers I had never met. We had a blast in the Spirit! One of those men was Robin Harmia. We became friends and he took me under his wing as I began traveling with him. Robin has been a mentor and an excellent example of an evangelist who loves the Lord and His people. Having just finished Bible school, my private prayer was to help someone who was already doing what I was called to do. The Lord sent me to a golf tournament to answer that prayer and gave me a stellar example to learn from. Thanks my friend. Next time you’re in town, let’s play 18!

Evangelist A. John Washington
Midnight Ministries International


Robin Harmia and i met a number of years ago and our spirits connected. Since then he has been at The Cross Road Worship Center on several occasions. Every time he has preached the truth of the Word with power and with signs following. People have been healed and delivered from a variety of health issues, emotional problems relationships on the brink of destruction. Every word Robin has spoken over me personally has been based in scripture and has either completely come to pass or is in the obvious process of bearing fruit.

Robin spoke that God was going to expand the borders of my tent. Over the ensuing four years I have become the senior pastor of four ministries including a church in the slums of Nairobi Kenya. I also now have a weekly thirty minute radio program and have a Bible Study every Friday in one of the housing authority complexes of this city.

When Robin Harmia taught my church members how to do soul winning six of them went and put that training into practice. On their first time doing this they brought Twenty two people to Christ in ninety minutes.

During his last visit here in January of this year (2012) The anointing of God was stronger than at any other time. I asked Robin to have a special ministers only sessions and the results were awesome there were approximately twenty ministers from two churches in attendance and every one of them received a touch or a word from God. Several spoke to me before the service began that no matter who the preacher was the power of God had never put them on the floor and they had never been "drunk" in the Spirit. Within forty five minutes every one of us came under the anointing of God and could not even get up off the floor.

On the last day when it was obvious that Robin could not stay every member of both churches unanimously requested his return for a full week. We have scheduled Robin to return and we are already interceding for that return which will include three services every day.
I do not just give words of fuzzy praises about Robin but I also actively support his ministry financially.

The bible says you will know the tree by its fruit and in my opinion the tree called Robin Harmia is as fruitful as it gets.

If you need a move of God in your church and you are willing to allow the Spirit of God to move freely then I know that Robin Harmia is the man of God you truly need to prayerfully consider.

In Jesus Name
Pastor Michael S. Strahan
The Cross Road Worship Center
Wichita Falls Texas
Feel free to call or text me at 940-631-7120
you may also email me at

I set up a week of meetings for Robin to preach and minister. Without a doubt the Presence of God was in every meeting with many lives changed, souls saved, baptisms in the Holy Ghost, people set free and delivered. Robin knows the Word and has a love for the people. I would highly recommend to any pastor to have Robin preach at their church.

Jeff Good, Medford, OR
Dear friends and fellow ministers,

Since I was a young man Rev. Robin has influenced my life with the love and zeal of Jesus Christ. He has always been blunt and an in your face type of guy, yet with an undying love to compel one to do what is godly. In the summer of 97' I had the first hand experience on an evangelistic trip with Rev. Robin to Wasilla and Palmer Alaska for 2 weeks. I was so excited and we seen God touch so many. I learned how to be led by the Holy Ghost and hear from God. I appreciate all his influence and continued determination to fulfill the call of God on his life and for this generation. Every once in awhile I receive an encouraging phone call or email from him personally. He is a great friend and minister.

Thank you,

Ted Frazier