Prayer Partners

Ephesians 6:18
* Pray with all manner of prayer.. .(Amplified Bible)
* Use every kind of prayer and entreaty, and at every opportunity pray in the Spirit...(Goodspeed's Bible)

Purpose for Prayer

We desire for individuals to pray for Robin Harmia International Ministries so that we can walk into the vision God has for us. Robin Harmia is only a man, but God's plan is inside the man. To fulfill this plan we believe individuals in the Body of Christ must daily get behind us in prayer. God's prayer laws operate on the basis that humanity must ask to receive. We need people who know they are called to intercede for others.

We need individuals who want to be used by God to help this ministry reach its potential in the kingdom of God. Everyone in the Body of Christ has a call or a function to fulfill. The Bible tells us every joint supplies to the edifying of the Body of Christ in love. That is a great help in the ministry. We will instruct people who get involved--teaching them how to pray for us. We only want prayer partners who know our desires and the goals in our hearts.

We want to see results! The Bible tells us to ASK and He will hear and answer us. (Mark 11:24; 1 John 5:14-15) We have confidence in God's Word that when He does answer, it will be "Yes" and "Amen"! Why? Because our prayers are in line with His Word! We need, desire, and earnestly covet your prayers so that God's plan can be displayed.


Three Important Truths About Daily Prayer:

1) Pray in the Spirit every day! We must pray from our understanding (using our own language) and we must pray from our spirit with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our understanding includes all things which are the known will of God, but when we pray in tongues, we pray for the known and the unknown will of God for our lives. By doing this, the plan of God will be revealed to our hearts so we can perform His will and not our own. He reveals how to follow Him more clearly as we pray.

2) Pray for the plan of God for Robin Harmia International Ministries, Inc.

3) Pray for the unknown will of God to be revealed to their hearts and to others involved in this ministry.

4) Pray that God will reveal His plans clearly, with direction and details, into the spirit of Robin.

5) Pray the Prayer of Faith! We must pray in faith. Faith is not complicated--but simply trusting God's Word over all human conditions that may be contrary to your prayer. Faith is trusting. Faith has corresponding actions. (Mark 11:25; 1 John 5:14-15; John 15:7)

6) Pray for:

  • 200,000 souls. (Psalms 2:8)
  • 1,000 faithful financial supporters.
  • God to open new doors for meetings.
  • The manifestations of the Spirit to flow freely in all services.
  • Prosperity to fulfill the will of God.

Daily confess the Scriptures corresponding to your faith! We all confess daily, whether good or bad. Why not start confessing God's Word? Confessing God's Word works! Confession builds faith in our spirits to meet any circumstance or challenge.