Spoken Word Revival International Ministries Philippines, Inc.
These ministries under Spoken Word Revival International  Ministries break-down like this:
1) Spoken Word Family Church and Churches in the Philippines ( S.W.F.C.)
   a) Build main Mother Church for example to people to follow: Have family Church with true Fellowship with  each other.
   b) Do outreaches into community- Souls Winning - Feed the poor- Widows- Help Fatherless
   c) Build branch Churches in the Philippines
   d) Missionary Program that help change the World 
2) Revival Bible School of the Philippines ( R.B.S.)
    a) Training Christian and give string Foundation in there life
    b) Train up future Pastors, Evangelist and Teacher to go forth equip the saints
    c) Plant new church with  Graduate of Bible School
    d) Train up ministry of Help to strength the Local Churches 
3) Minister Associate of the Philippines ( M.A.P.)
   a) Licensing and Ordination for minister in the Philippines
   b) Monthly training in the Word of God 
   c) Monthly Fellowship with each other 
4) Outreach from Philippines to the World through establishing Local churches in the Word of God, establish new churches, do crusades, establishing new Bible School .